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April 2018. I have recently moved to the North Bay Area of San Francisco and will have a new, updated website soon. Until then, you may reach me by email, through Facebook at Overcomer Coach CA or through Twitter @OvercomerCoachCA, or by phone. My phone number in CA is 415-840-4943. I am still coaching online, by phone, and in person. Feel free to contact me. The email is still currently active, and my new email is 


What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is NOT a therapist. However, like a therapist, your information is completely confidential. A Life Coach is more of an accountability partner and motivator, available to help you achieve your dreams by setting goals and working toward those goals. A Life Coach does not go back with you to learn why you do the things you do, but looks at the here and now, where you are today, and guides you as you make the changes you want to make, whether personal changes or professional changes. A Coach will help you determine and achieve your personal or professional goals, will provide encouragement, and will help you manage life changes or crises.

What are the benefits of seeing a Life Coach instead of a therapist? Seeing a coach does not have the stigma associated with mental health counseling, because it is more short term and even many very emotionally healthy people reach out to a coach to help them set realistic goals to make changes. Look up Life Coaches on the web and you will be amazed how many of us are practicing throughout the world.

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