My Story

I am a qualified life coach, certified as both as a Joy Restoration Coach (Grief Coach) and Christian Life Coach through the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy. I am also a licensed social worker in the state of Arkansas, though I am not an LCSW licensed therapist.

I was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas,  and graduated from Hutchison School in Memphis. I attended Bowdoin College in Maine for two years and graduated from Arkansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. I later attended Iliff School of Theology in Denver but was unable to finish my M.Div degree due to illness. I sold real estate in the Jonesboro area for many years.

I lived with chronic renal failure from 1987-2011, and struggled with severe anemia because of it, until a good friend donated one of his kidneys to me in late 2011.

I am so grateful to be healthy, and am paying forward all the kindness and love shown to me when I was so sick. I moved to Little Rock in March of 2014, and in addition to life coaching am enjoying working part-time as an Administrative Assistant at First United Methodist Church in Maumelle, AR, and doing volunteer work at my own church, FUMC in downtown Little Rock.

Being healthy is a gift, and the difficulties I have been through help me to be a Life Coach who is very compassionate and determined, as I want others to achieve their goals and dreams and to live up to their potential. I realize changes aren’t easy to make, and I’m able to work with others to encourage them.

My faith has been a very important part of my journey and a source of great comfort and joy in my life. Because of my faith, I have been able to maintain a good attitude each day.

I am an active member of First United Methodist Church in downtown Little Rock  and P.E.O. International, Chapter AL. I love animals, particularly dogs, and enjoy motivational speaking and leading seminars, cooking and baking, small groups, reading, and writing.