Are You Aware of Your Calorie Intake?

Are you paying attention to how many calories you’re consuming in a day? And do you know what a calorie is? Recently I was surprised to learn that a friend of mine who is younger than I had very little knowledge about calories. Research has shown restaurant menus that list calories have little effect on what people choose to order, but when they posted how much time of walking it took to walk off the meal, it DID affect what people actually ordered. That does make me wonder if most people know about calories and how many they need to consume in a day in order to maintain their weight. Many phone apps have calorie information available, including calculators for how many calories you need to consume in a day in order to maintain, lose, or gain weight. Being aware of what is going into our bodies is very important, not just how many calories we consume, but the types of foods from which we get those calories, also. After counting calories for just a few days, you will raise your awareness about the types of foods you’re eating, and you won’t need to count them every day of your life!!

If you wish to increase your awareness about your consumption of healthy foods, whether you wish to lose or gain weight or just simply maintain, give me a call. As a Life Coach, I can help!!