Business Coaching: My Second Passion

In the last blog, I discussed my passion for Coaching Caregivers, and I noted that my second passion is Business Coaching. What do I love about doing Business Coaching?

I know that how I feel about most businesses is often decided in those first few moments of walking in the door. How was I greeted by the first employee I encountered? Were they texting and neglected to look up to acknowledge me, or did they greet me with a hello and a smile? Did they ask if I needed help finding anything or ask if I were there so see someone in particular? Was the business clean and neat?

When I do Business Coaching, an owner hires me to walk into a business as an “evaluator”, unknown to the employees. I make observations, then I meet with all the employees as a group to discuss my findings. I like to include employees’ feelings and ideas as we discuss this, because if they feel they are being “heard,” they are usually willing to make a few changes to help make their business a better place. Sometimes we discuss using social media to improve sales, if it’s a retail store or salon, and I like to brainstorm with them help motivate them. Occasionally we settle a few inter-employee disputes. I give them a couple of weeks and meet with them again, and I love to see the excitement they feel when they are involved in making changes and helping the business grow.

I believe that like being a good Caregiver Coach, I’m also a good Business Coach. I think perhaps my background as a Realtor helps my Business Coaching skills, because the real estate business is all about making the clients happy and providing excellent customer service.

Businesses thrive when their employees are healthy, satisfied, and feel as if they’re included in some brainstorming about how to improve their surroundings for their customers and themselves. I love being able to be a part of this, and I feel honored when I am.