Do You Give Your Power Away?

Do you give other people the power to ruin your day? Recently I had an early morning encounter with an individual who was extremely grumpy, negative, prejudiced, and angry. I was around this person for about an hour, by no choice of my own!! About an hour later, I was going to meet a client, and I realized I was depressed and tired. I thought about the reason, and it occurred to me that I had given this individual the power to put me in a bad mood. Quickly, I decided to change my thinking and to put myself back into the mood I was in before I had this encounter. I simply had to talk to myself and to put the negative feelings where they belonged, which was at first to feel angry at this person, then to feel bad for him/her. What a shame to have to be so angry and negative!! I then said a prayer for him/her, let go of the negative thinking, and moved on. I was then able to focus on my client with an open mind and a good attitude, and I enjoyed the rest of my day. Think about how others perceive you today. Are you giving off positive or negative vibes? Don’t ruin someone else’s day, and don’t give someone else the power to ruin yours. If you need help learning how to change your thinking, give me a call.