What is YOUR Passion in Your Work?

Recently a friend was asked by her mentor to discover what her true passion in her work is. I had been thinking about this very issue, though not necessarily with those words. After several weeks of pondering and coaching several clients on varied issues, I have discovered my passion in my coaching. I absolutely love doing CAREGIVING Coaching, and I also absolutely love doing BUSINESS Coaching. I am a little surprised that those two types of Coaching have moved to the top of my list.

Why, you may ask, do I love working with Caregivers? Well, at times in my life before and immediately after my kidney transplant, I had my own caregiver, and during the years of my dad’s dementia, I WAS a caregiver, and I watched my mother as she dealt with years as a caregiver for my dad. Other caregivers stayed with him as well, and I learned valuable lessons from all of these people. Caregiving is a special role. Some people enter into it very naturally and it comes easily, while others need to be taught, or COACHED, to be a good caregiver. I do believe that not everyone is cut out for this role, though some people by necessity have to take it on. I love hearing about the joyful, rewarding times that they share with me as their coach, and I love those moments when the caregiver admits being resentful and then feels a little relief when I say that I understand and that those feelings are normal.

Coaching Caregivers is very rewarding. We share very tender moments, very frustrating moments, and very humorous moments. I absolutely love Caregivers, and I have found that coaching them is one of the areas of Coaching about which I am the most passionate.

I’ll discuss my passion for Business Coaching in an additional blog!