My life coaching services help with many important aspects of your professional, family and social life. I will work in partnership with you to identify issues of concern and practical ways to deal with them.  I am also certified as a Christian Life Coach and offer Coaching from a Christian perspective if you prefer, including prayer and meditation as part of the Coaching process.


Life Coaching Services

I offer seminars, workshops, and do group presentations on a variety of topics. For example, most recently I offered an hour long seminar on “Compassionate Conflict” for property managers at their convention. I also offered a seminar for Caregivers on taking care of themselves, and for high school students on the basics of preparing for a job interview.

My specialties in Coaching, however,  include the following:

Grief Coaching and Caregiver Coaching – My certification through the Pastoral Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy as a Joy Restoration Coach (Grief Coach), which I obtained in 2014 in addition to my earlier certifications, has prepared me for both Grief Coaching and Caregiver Coaching, and I have led many Caregiver Groups through my church work and business in the past and have also coached many clients through their grief.

Overall Health Coaching – My general coaching certification, social work degree and continuing ed, seminary studies, and my own life experiences have all prepared me to coach those who want to improve their overall health which includes the mind, body, and spirit and is not just about healthy eating.

Coaching for those Living with a Chronic Illness: I I often work with people who are living with chronic illnesses and help them to live well with their illness, focusing on keeping a good attitude and learning to enjoy life in spite of their illness or disability. Having lived with renal failure for over 25 years before my kidney transplant, I learned many tools to be able to have a life of quality and to be joyful despite my illness.